Who Has the Toughest Hiring Policy?

Who Has the Toughest Hiring Policy?


If this employer hired you, you can bet he performed rigorous due diligence first

In my career as a law enforcement leader, I led a team whose mandate was to dismantle and disrupt organized crime groups. We spent considerable time and money getting ourselves “hired” for the purposes of infiltrating these sophisticated crime organizations. I can assure you our strategies were comprehensive, involving specialized techniques, props, false identities and flat out trickery to gain favour and employment with them. Many times it didn’t work and we had to find another approach.

Organizationally, the very nature of sophisticated crime groups demands the highest level of security to ensure their continued existence. Competition, trust, lying, cheating, disruption in supply and demand, corporate espionage, take overs and at times, law enforcement, are but a few of the challenges they face… sound familiar?

They developed a due diligence approach that is arguably unmatched

With some hesitation, I must admit I developed a degree of admiration for my opponents. They developed a due diligence approach to pre-employment screening that is arguably unmatched. Attempts to polygraph us, conduct surveillance, tapping our communications, Internet research and other tricks that I can’t mention, are just a few examples on how they protect themselves.

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” …so we adapted and learned.

There may be a lot we can learn from Organized Crime (short of criminal acts) about how to protect ourselves

The exposure of new technologies through the Internet and social media has significantly advanced the capabilities of Organized Crime groups. Equally, these advancements have created the ability for employment candidates, investors and others to misrepresent who they are and what they do on a variety of levels. Much of this activity is supported by a growing infrastructure of services designed to aid in misrepresentations, embellishments, fraudulent resumes and much more.

There may be a lot we can learn from Organized Crime (short of criminal acts) about how to protect ourselves from those who would potentially cause damage to an organization’s bottom line and reputation.

In the end, when you perform a due diligence or background investigation, whether corporate or personal, make sure you examine the information that exists beyond the “four corners” of a person’s resume, credentials or sales pitch… that’s where the real information will be found.

So who has the toughest hiring policy?… Those that have the most to lose.

About the Author

Pat Fogarty is a former organized crime investigator now leading Internet research and investigations at Fathom Research Group. Read more about Pat.