International Investigations

অনুধাবন রিসার্চ গ্রুপ provides international investigation services to corporations and individuals anywhere in the world. Our research is conducted by real investigators with years of experience in law enforcement and pan-jurisdictional investigations. Regardless of your location or the location of your investigative subject, আমরা সাহায্য করতে পারেন.

পড়া আমাদের দল সম্পর্কে.

Who uses our international investigation services?

Our international investigation services are appropriate for:

  • কর্পোরেশন
  • Investors
  • Lawyers and legal teams
  • Law enforcement
  • Educational institutes

  • Professional associations
  • Employment agencies
  • সরকার
  • Individuals
  • Other investigators

Our product

Whether we are conducting an investigation into a person or corporation, we use proven investigative methods and proprietary research sources both on and off the Web. The result is an extensive investigative report of our findings that provides a comprehensive profile of the investigative target. Fathom’s investigation reports are thorough, unbiased, and immediately actionable. You’ll have a complete picture so you can confidently assess risk and proceed based on facts not speculation.

Our extensive international investigations include every available data source including the deep Web, but most importantly, our investigators are able to follow a data trail, discerning connections that lead to the truth.

Types of investigations

Although most of investigations are conducted at a location far removed from our clientsgeographical location, resources both online and offline are accessible to our investigators and distance is no impediment to our methods.

আমাদের তদন্ত অন্তর্ভুক্ত:

General investigation

Our general investigations orprivate investigationservices are primarily for individuals and professionals. General investigations include background investigations, সম্পদ তদন্ত, সম্পর্ক স্ক্রীনিং, findingmissing persons, personal reputation management, অনলাইন তদন্ত, and investigative reviews.

আরো পড়ুন

কর্পোরেট তদন্ত

Corporate investigations help protect companies and their stakeholdersensuring that the people and companies you work with are vetted thoroughly before you enter into an agreement or relationship. Corporate investigations include: কারণে অধ্যবসায় সেবা, compliance and regulatory investigation, background verification for professionals and intelligence management.

আরো পড়ুন

Legal investigation and support

Our legal support services aid lawyers and legal teams with evidence gathering, continuity and major case management. Legal investigation services include: litigation support, তদন্ত, সম্পদ তদন্ত, investigative management and document scanning and organization.

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