Workplace Investigations for Lawyers

Fathom Research Group provides comprehensive workplace investigations to lawyers and law firms throughout B.C. and beyond.

Our workplace services include: investigations in union and non-union environments, human resources consulting, కార్పొరేట్ పరిశోధనలు, నేపథ్యంలో పరిశోధనలు, online research and risk management solutions.

How we can help lawyers and law firms

Our professional investigators are often hired to conduct the investigations on the behalf of law firms, separating disclosure requirements from solicitor client previledge. Because our investigators are professionally trained and tested, with decades of experience in conducting and defending investigations in a court of law, lawyers know value of our services and expertise.

Our experience

Our resources and investigative methodologies allow us to manage complex and conventional workplace investigations. Our investigators have been tried and tested by all levels of judicial oversight and we stand behind the accuracy and veracity of the information we provide.

Workplace investigations

Workplace complaints require a timely and procedurally fair investigation and can include allegations relating to:

  • Workplace misconduct (financial or otherwise)
  • Human rights violations
  • Harassment (వ్యక్తిగత, sexual, or discriminatory)
  • Misconduct that may include fraud, theft, అవినీతి, embezzlement
  • Policy violations
  • Workplace misconduct (financial or otherwise)
  • Workplace violence and/or threats of violence
  • Risk assessments
  • Reprisal/retaliation
  • Safety violations
  • Breach of confidentiality

Cost-effective & safe

Hiring a professional investigator is significantly less expensive and cost effective for a law firm to consider. We routinely work with employment lawyers as investigators but also with Corporations that need workplace investigations. We are pleased to refer our Corporate clients seeking legal advise should the need arise. Contact us for more information.