Legal Disclosure Audit and Review

Disclosure of material in legal matters is one of the most important facets of our judicial system. Despite this, it is often misunderstood, incomplete, and increasingly more complicated. Our disclosure team provides Vancouver and BC legal firms efficient and accurate audit and review of disclosure packages, evaluating strengths, weaknesses and all factors pursuant to relevant Canadian laws and guidelines.

Disclosure obligations

The Crown and investigative agencies have an obligation to disclose all relevant materials and information that is in their possession, and the interpretation of that is constantly broadening and evolving. Because information generated pursuant to an investigation is the property of the public — so thatjustice is seen to be done— Crown and police must adopt practices that ensure their obligation to disclose is met.

Defence counsel has an obligation to diligently pursue disclosure by actively seeking relevant materials once they become aware of them. Failure to promptly report non-disclosure issues to the Courts can affect the fairness of a trial.

Fathom Research Group disclosure team

Fathom Research Group investigators have extensive experience in major criminal investigations supported by the principles of major case management. We are experts in the creation, management and review of disclosure packages, be they simple or highly complex. Our experts have a history of meeting disclosure compliance requirements expected by the judicial review process.

As disclosure packages have become larger and more technically complex it has become increasingly more difficult to effectively and efficiently examine these disclosure materials. Disclosure often misses the mark, leaving a number of evidentiary areas unexamined, محتوی: evidence continuity, missing documentation, sourcing and file management issues

Fathom’s disclosure, audit and review services

  • Consult and create legal disclosure packages
  • Repair and manage deficient disclosure packages
  • مرور, audit and report on the strengths and weakness of a disclosure package.
  • Examine and report on content issues including organization, completeness, continuity, مدیریت پرونده ها, exhibits, indexing, bookmarking, investigative logs and other issues.
  • Identify and consult on relevant disclosure weaknesses
  • Scan, bookmark and index new disclosure material. دیدن سند اسکن & افشای الکترونیک for more information.

Our team’s law enforcement background provides an added-value component to our disclosure reviews. We comply with current disclosure laws and obligations and adopt a position of neutrality in support of a balanced and fair judicial process.