Investigative Management
(Major Case Management)

Fathom Research Group offers investigative management services to Vancouver and BC legal firms. We have extensive expertise—successfully leading local, national and international complex and large-scale investigations from inception to completion throughout the investigative and judicial processes.

Relying on the experience of the company’s employees to meet the managerial and legal challenges can be damaging and costly. Recognizing the need for investigative management and protocols is essential to ensuring that integrity and processes are maintained.

Investigative management focuses on the ability to prioritize, control and account for assigning and processing tasks. Leading projects for the past two decades, we have routinely managed projects upwards of 2000 tasks to a successful legal disposition.

Fathom Research Group will assist personnel tasked with structuring and coordinate projects and investigations efficiently:

  • Providing managers and team members with structure and best practices in the formation of a project/investigative team
  • Establishing an investigative plan
  • Creating and controlling the speed, flow and direction of the project
  • Establish and control a proper briefing
  • Identify and avoid common obstacles
  • Coordinating and prioritizing work flow and assignments
  • Document and data management controls and legal disclosure
  • Legal continuity, retention of documents and exhibits
  • Establish reporting protocols and communication