Document Scanning & Electronic Disclosure

Fathom Research Group’s document scanning and electronic organization packages are appropriate for any individual, company or legal team in Vancouver or BC that requires large volumes of information be organized, summarized, and searchable.

Document scanning and electronic disclosure usually falls outside the scope of standard record keeping. When data is both complex, deep and housed in disparate locations, document scanning and collating provides an invaluable research aid and investigative tool that can be accessed easily and searched readily. Document scanning and organization increases the efficiency and efficacy of corporate and legal teams.

Investigations and the collation of information can be complicated with multiple sources of information and complex issues. Providing a structured and organized approach to file management will save money and resources.

File management and disclosure services include:

  • Scanning, collating and categorizing documents, data and information into an organized and searchable product
  • Creating an electronic disclosure package for litigation teams
  • Coordinating tasks
  • Establish continuity and handling of evidence or exhibits

  • Prepare an intelligence report or court brief
  • Consult on establishing investigative protocols and procedures
  • Establish protocols for team briefings and task assignments and control