Asset Investigations

Fathom Research Group’s asset investigations use a variety of open source and proprietary databases along with specific research techniques to legally uncover hidden assets or financial holdings. We have developed and indexed specific databases that will assist in uncovering an individual or company’s assets. Financial and asset investigations look for hidden property, shell companies, and other holdings held by a nominee (another person). Our asset investigation services are offered in Vancouver, BC and internationally.

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People, corporations, and other organizations may need to conduct an asset search for ongoing litigation, feasibility of investments, or as part of a background investigation. Because accessing bank or investment accounts cannot be done without judicial authority, researchers must search out relevant information using alternative and creative means to identify assets.

Identifying debt

It is equally important to identify liability that may not be easily detected. Appearances can be deceptive. A potential investor or individual who presents significant assets may also have significant liability attached.

An asset investigation relies on a research methodology supported by strong search capabilities. An analytical protocol and investigative process will connect the dots to prove a clear picture of an individual’s or company’s asset status.

What can our asset investigations find?

  • Real property
  • Motor vehicle liens
  • Vessel registrations
  • Aircraft registrations
  • Civil litigation and judgments
  • Divorces
  • Probate filings
  • Corporate disclosure
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Nonprofit organization, funded money
  • Retirement funds
  • Identifying nominees (family and other businesses)
  • Global assets