Legal Support Services

Fathom Research Group provides legal support and investigation services to Vancouver, BC, and internationally. Services are appropriate for firms and individuals requiring an investigative and consultative response. Experienced investigators blend modern and traditional investigative tools and techniques to ensure that facts and evidence are presented in a professional, legal and credible manner.

Our investigators are experienced in major case management, proceeds of crime investigations, financial analysis, international investigations, and Intelligence management. We are experts in disclosure, collection and analysis of documentation, evidence collection and continuity of all gathered evidence. Instituting pragmatic solutions to corporate risk management and personal investigative needs is the foundation that guides our team.

Litigation support

Our litigation support team has extensive experience in comprehensive investigative and legal protocols. Examining, documenting and evaluating the results, supported by the drafting of detailed briefs, provide our legal clients with the necessary information to address existing problems.

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Legal investigations

Sometimes things go wrong. There are many eventualities where a proper investigative process is needed. Fathom research, as the result of an analysis or investigation, could provide an unbiased conclusion, or defendable disposition to a situation. We also provide support for the proper preparation for public or judicial inquiries.

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Asset investigations

Fathom provides asset investigations to support legal cases and court proceedings. Our asset investigations uncover and document the assets, finances, and holdings of an individual or company.

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Investigative management (major case management)

Organizations are structured to meet their daily operational objectives. At times, situations arise which necessitates an investigative response that falls outside the parameters of normal business activities not envisioned by an organization. Extraordinary managerial demands placed on those charged with the investigative direction can be overwhelming, often resulting in a legal review.

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Workplace investigations for lawyers

Our workplace services include: investigations in union and non-union environments, human resources consulting, corporate investigations, background investigations, online research and risk management solutions. Our professional investigators are often hired to conduct the investigations on the behalf of law firms, separating disclosure requirements from solicitor client privilege.

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Legal disclosure audit and review

Fathom’s disclosure audit and review team will help ensure that stringent standards of disclosure are met. Our services strengthen disclosure packages by identifying strengths and weaknesses. We then implement improvements so they hold up in court and withstand scrutiny.

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Document scanning & electronic disclosure

Fathom provides document scanning, collating and organization of documents into a searchable product that helps establish continuity and evidence handling that is vital not only for efficient operations, but also for positive legal outcomes. Our document scanning services are appropriate for law offices, individuals and corporations.

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