Relationship & Dating Background Checks

How our relationship and dating background checks work

Dating someone you meet through a  friend, event, or online dating website can be exciting. Taking the next step in a commitment that may lead to marriage or a common-law relationship is a serious undertaking. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who present an image that is not a true reflection of who they are. Our relationship background checks will help protect you and help you make a decision.

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If not previously disclosed by the subject, we can find any documented judgments, divorces, and financial and/or legal problems in your intended partner’s past. Our professionals uncover potential “red flags”—associations, patterns of behaviour, and reputation—which become extremely important in assessing the totality of a person’s character and background. Remember, people trying to hide their past will usually try to legitimatize who they are.

Going far beyond a simple Google-style search, we offer:

  • Focused research
  • Analysis of character and reputation
  • Identification of potential red flags
  • Analysis of patterns of behaviour
  • Associations
  • Identification and analysis of associations
  • Public records searches
  • Media archives searches
  • International research
  • “Deep web” and specialized research

Why you need a dating or pre-marital background check

A dating background check or premarital background check will verify that the person you are in a relationship with is who the claim they are. Relationship screening can protect your heart, your bank account, and the safety of you and your loved ones.