Private Investigations

ఫాథం రీసెర్చ్ గ్రూప్ provides private investigation services worldwide. Our private investigator have international / national, advanced law enforcement experience in the areas of major crime, fraud investigations, proceeds of crime, organized crime and intelligence gathering. Fathom investigators are discreet and highly trained in all aspects of investigation, వాటిలో: interviewing, evidence gathering, legal applications, affidavits, collecting, collating and indexing volumes of information into a comprehensive report that meets strict legal requirements.

Our investigative services include the following areas:

Criminal investigations

Most police departments are overwhelmed and cannot dedicate sufficient time and resources to investigations. We will conduct an investigation on your behalf to prove or disprove allegations that exist. Offenses include but not limited to theft, మోసం, embezzlement, sexual assault, robbery, extortion and intimidation.

Civil investigations

It is not what you know, but what you can prove. When faced with a civil legal matter, conducting a proper investigation can be instrumental in reaching a successful outcome. Our judicial system is based on disclosure of evidence in support of any legal argument. Our investigators are trained in both modern and traditional investigative techniques and have numerous successes in court. Civil cases can include but not limited to personal injury, missing persons, child custody or abuse asset discovery for divorce proceedings, and workplace investigations.

File management and coordination

Most investigations are conducted with a limited amount of facts and documentation. When faced with multiple sources of information, investigation can fail. Organized, searchable and coherent processes are key to ensuring that an investigation is compliant with disclosure laws and legal practices. We are experts in collecting and collating large volumes of information into searchable, organized files. Our intelligence and analytical process also tells thestoryof the collected and organized data, whether for legal or other purposes, providing a clear, concise summary of what the data means.