Personal Reputation Management

If you are now or may be in the spotlight, you may have to take steps to manage your reputation. Part of reputation management is knowing what has been said or published about you online. Fathom’s personal reputation management services will unearth information that could harm you, your family or your business.

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Fathom will investigate and find:

  • Media history
  • Social media history
  • Political contributions
  • Business history
  • Photos or comments of concern
  • Court history and judgments
  • Assets
  • What is being said about you by others
  • Any search parameters you deem necessary

Why you might need personal reputation management

Everyone has heard stories of candidates, elected politicians, entertainers and sports heroes who have had to face the embarrassment of a scandal. Many times, it is a historic fact that is uncovered by accident that leads to negative media attention.

A political candidate is a huge investment for a political party, and that candidate becomes the face of the party, the policies and the culture. Entertainers and sports figures represent huge industries, often with worldwide appeal and enormous financial investment and risk. With so much invested, a scandal involving a public figure can cause unimaginable emotional and financial consequences for both the celebrity and their backers.

Current and future public figures

We can help by showing you the totality of what lies on the Internet about you. Our access to data and methods for finding information will help assure you that a quote you made years ago is not a surprise to you or the public that you serve. Get in front of your potential issues before someone else does. We all know how something benign can get spun into sordid stories by pundits, competing candidates, and a news media hungry for ratings.

Political parties and organizations

It happens all too often; your party selects the “perfect” candidate. Funds are raised, events are planned, press releases are issued. Then, someone comes to you with something you didn’t know about the candidate. It doesn’t even need to be serious in nature, but no one wants to find out that your star candidate said something concerning decades ago or made a contribution to the “other” political party along the way. Let us help you make sure that your candidate embodies your policies and image.