Online Investigation & Research

Our online investigation and research services go far beyond standard search engines. Our online investigation includes deep web searches, proprietary and commercial databases and numerous indexed sources used for specific purposes. Regardless of what you are seeking, if you need online investigation and research, Fathom can help.

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We encourage you to learn and discover all the benefits that the Internet offers. However, if your research is important and you need help, we will do our best to assist you in any small or large projects you may have. Have fun…. We do!

Fathom online research

Our online research has many applications, including:

  • Unique items search
  • Competitor research
  • Contact information search and verification
  • Content research (blog, podcast, social network)
  • Guest research (podcast or blog)
  • Market research (launch of new product, service, or business)
  • Price comparison (best value for a particular service)
  • Product research (best software, equipment)
  • Speaking engagement research
  • Historic research
  • General or specific subject research