Investigative Review

An investigation is a systematic, minute, and thorough attempt to learn the facts about something complex or hidden. They are routinely conducted by organizations, individuals and governments and are often criticized for bias, improper investigative practices and lack of independence. An improper investigation can lead to serious legal, reputation and financial problems, oftentimes, as a result of untrained investigators. Our investigative review services help ensure that methods are sound, the investigation is unbiased, thorough and accurate.

How an investigate review protects you

Fathom’s investigative review service is built on the experience of our investigators with over 100 years of successful investigative experience combined.

The success of our investigations withstand stringent protocols and have been thoroughly tested throughout the judicial process.

If you or your organization have been the subject of an investigation and concerned with the outcome, methodology or perceived bias, let Fathom’s investigators review the material and process.

Fathom will provide an independent, ਪੇਸ਼ੇਵਰ, review focusing on the following areas:

  • Investigative methodology
  • Investigative plan
  • Independence
  • Interview process
  • Veracity and corroboration of information
  • Documentation
  • Many other factors

Fathom’s investigators will ensure that an investigation is complete, ਨਿਰਪੱਖ, and properly conducted regardless of the outcome.