Foreign Student Professional Advocacy Services

Fathom Research Group provides foreign students seeking educational pursuits in Vancouver, British Columbia with professional advocacy and risk management services. Geared toward both parents and student, our service is designed to provide preventative consultation and support through regular monitoring and immediate access to professional risk management, legal and medical professionals.

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It is difficult for parents to provide their child with the necessary security and supervision when pursuing education abroad. Though Vancouver is considered a relatively safe city by world standards, there are always risks associated with crime, gangs and other issues typical of a large metropolitan area. It can be a daunting task for foreign students to keep out of harms way, understand a foreign bureaucracy and know how to quickly access legal, medical and security professionals when the need arises.

Fathom Research Group will provide your child with the safety and security they need. Our professional investigators are Vancouver based, retired police officers with extensive experience in gang and organized crime investigations. In addition to our full professional investigative services, we provide direct access to experienced legal counsel, Johnson Doyle lan Sugarman, and medical doctors who can provide private professional services as needed.


Our comprehensive risk management and professional advocacy for foreign students includes:

  • Open and regular communication with both students and parents
  • Student interview and overview of services
  • Medical history (conducted by a physician)
  • Regular monitoring and reporting
  • Coordination of private, pamaréntah, legal and medical services as needed
  • Investigative services as required
  • Access to a medical doctor and coordinated medical services
  • Access to experienced criminal trial lawyers

Services can be customized to meet a student’s specific needs.