Background Investigations

A professional and comprehensive background investigation is more than just a routine check of common databases. Our experienced analysts and investigators scour selected databases and “deep web” sites that generate a wide variety of information. We provide a more accurate and complete picture of the individual or company, and the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Our background investigations are where so called “background checks” end and research and analysis begins. We examine and review historic records, public records, news archives, criminal and civil court documents, associations,  judgments,  visible and hidden finances and assets, properties, social media, and more. We then analyze the information, examine the critical path taken, determine relevance, and weight the information. Finally, we offer you a sourced report of findings.

Fathom’s investigations can be scaled to meet simple or complex research projects and requirements, and the search can be local or international.

Who needs a comprehensive background investigation?

Professional background investigations are appropriate for:

  • Business investment purposes (buying a business)
  • Investment partnerships
  • Corporate entities background
  • Authenticating a person
  • Litigation
  • Protection from fraudulent activities

  • Serious relationships
  • Protection of children (where a background check is not sufficient)
  • An addendum to your resume (great idea!)
  • Finding a person (relatives and friends, witnesses, heirs)
  • Historical research
  • Serious problems with another person

What we can find

Our comprehensive investigations reveal:

  • Patterns of behavior
  • Associations
  • Personal information
  • Professional history
  • Assets
  • Financial status

  • Business associations and interest
  • Criminal and civil judgments
  • Regulatory issues
  • Online activity
  • News/media history