Asset Search

Fathom Riset Group is often called upon to conduct asset searches for litigation support, investasi, amarga rajin, executive screening, divorce proceeding and much more.

There are many methods and sources of information that an investigator can utilize to conduct a comprehensive asset investigation that can potentially uncover asset information. Our investigators have developed a methodology that is built on years of experience in asset, money laundering and proceeds of crime investigations that reveal where assets exists. The reasons to conduct an asset search are extensive and can be a determining factor in moving forward on any venture.

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Asset searches and investigations can include but not limited to these areas of search:

  • Real property
  • Motor vehicle liens
  • Vessel registrations
  • Aircraft registrations
  • Civil litigation and judgments
  • Divorces
  • Filings probate
  • Pambocoran Corporate
  • Perusahaan publik perdagangan
  • Patents lan merek dagang
  • Organisasi nirlaba, dhuwit mbiayai
  • Dana leren
  • Ngenali dicalonke (kulawarga lan bisnis)
  • Aset koleksi