Workplace Investigations for Vancouver & BC

Fathom Research Group provides comprehensive workplace investigation services to clients throughout the Province of BC and beyond.

Our workplace services include: investigations in union and non-union environments, human resources consulting, investigaciones corporativas, background investigations and online research, and risk management solutions.

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Our experience

Our experience and resources allow us to manage complex and conventional workplace investigations in a multitude of circumstances. Not only can we conduct investigations, we can also support the investigative process. Our investigators have been tried and tested by all levels of judicial oversight and we stand behind the accuracy and veracity of the information we provide.

When to hire an independent investigator

Conducting an unbiased investigation to a standard that will withstand scrutiny requires a structured approach, una cuidadosa planificación, recursos adecuados e investigadores cualificados. How an investigation is structured and functions can significantly affect the credibility of both the investigation and the organization that sanctioned it.

While certain investigations can be conducted internally; there are situations where an employer should seriously consider independent investigation if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Perception of internal bias
  • Complex or multi-faceted issues
  • The investigation requires a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity
  • There are multiple complainants, respondents and witnesses

  • There are high-level personnel involved (particularly as respondents) and there is low level trust
  • The investigation could be highly politicized
  • Internal investigators have difficulty acquiring evidence or specialized skills required (e.g. forensic IT specialists are vastly more experienced than corporate IT staff).
  • There may be mental health issues or criminal aspects to the investigation

Workplace investigations

Workplace complaints require a timely and procedurally fair investigation and can include allegations relating to:

  • Misconduct that may include fraud, theft, corrupción, malversación de fondos
  • Risk assessments
  • Human rights violations
  • Policy violations
  • Workplace misconduct (financial or otherwise)

  • Harassment (personal, sexual, or discriminatory)
  • Workplace violence and/or threats of violence
  • Safety violations
  • Reprisal/retaliation
  • Breach of confidentiality

Lawyers are not investigators

Lawyers provide valuable legal advice but they are not trained investigators. De hecho, they often engage professional investigators like us to conduct the investigations on their behalf. Because our investigators are professionally trained and tested, with decades of experience in conducting and defending investigations in a court of law, lawyers know value of our services and expertise.

Cost-effective & safe

The cost of our services is significantly less expensive than what law firms charge. Hiring external investigators, may also allow for privilege in politicized or sensitive investigations allowing legal counsel to give client advice based on the findings. We also work with employment lawyers and would be pleased to refer our clients should that need arise.

We can provide options to control the cost of independent investigations and deliver comprehensive reports or executive summaries that can be relied upon for litigation, tribunals or arbitrations.

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