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Fathom’s university due diligence services and background investigations are designed to assess, verify and authenticate the background and reputation of potential partnerships, employees, professors, contractors or companies before clients enter into a substantial financial relationship. Investigations may be conducted locally or internationally.

Why your university needs due diligence services

Educational institutions have become global and highly competitive. Traditional vetting and verification of either a business or an individual’s credentials may not be sufficient. A comprehensive investigation can reveal significant information about a person or a business’s background far beyond information which is self-disclosed or held within common databases or research sources. A complete due diligence process can provide a competitive edge, and enhance security while minimizing legal risk.

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University co-op due diligence services

Co-operative education, internship and work placement programs are designed to provide students with invaluable job experience working in short-term, paid work related to their field of study. Prospective companies may be located anywhere in the world, and information about them may not be readily available or easily accessed. The safety of students, integrity of the co-op program, and legal risk to the university increases if a company is not properly vetted.

Cursory due diligence investigations into companies seeking participation in co-op placement programs is no longer sufficient. Fathom’s co-op due diligence services assist educational institutions by providing investigative research to assess risk to students and minimize the possible legal fallout of placing students with local and foreign companies whose background may be difficult to authenticate and verify.

Using specific investigative methodologies, advanced Internet research and analytical techniques, our research:

  • Authenticates and verifies the company and associated directors
  • Investigates personal and corporate history and the reputation of a company and associated individuals
  • Identifies patterns of behavior that may indicate risk to students, employees and the university
  • Assesses the risk of locations including the physical plant (offices buildings, offices, and work environment), city/town, state, and country as well as potential housing for the students involved

University background investigation services

Contractual or hiring practice that do not include a proper vetting process can create significant risk. Universities need to assess both the professional credentials, and related background, of those employees or businesses that they hire or enter into agreements with. An individual’s past or present inappropriate behavior may be a threat to the university’s security and reputation and can be avoided with a proper investigative process.

Fathom’s background investigation services assist educational institutions by conducting focused investigative research of potential employees, professors, partnerships, contractors and foreign exchange students.

Our background investigation and methodology is unique and comprehensive. Our experienced investigators scour selected databases and “web jero” Camping sing generate macem-macem saka sudhut informasi. We examine information outside a resume, thus providing a more accurate and complete profile of an individual or company.

Our advanced Internet research, investigation and analysis documents:

  • Corporate and personal patterns of behavior and associations
  • Personal and professional information, assets and financial status
  • News/ media history, online activities and reputation
  • Pengadilan, criminal and civil judgments
  • Corporate entity background, professional associations, investment partnerships


The results of our due diligence or background investigations are presented in a detailed report of findings related to the individual or company investigated, including a history of the company, its owners, directors, employees and others involved in its operation.

Our investigators also analyze and process the raw research data, delivering an easily understood report containing not only the details, but also the investigator’s summary of findings. The due diligence report provides real, actionable intelligence that educational institutions require to make informed decisions that mitigate risk.