Intelligence Management

Modern day intelligence management requires a blend of conventional, technical and forensic online research techniques and capabilities in support of collating information for research and analysis. Integrating our extensive open source research capabilities with other internal and external information sources, delivered in a comprehensive report, provides decision makers with the critical information they need.

Our intelligence management services support collating data and information from a variety of sources including paper documents, computer records, extensive online research and human sourced intelligence. We will organize the information in a comprehensive electronicsearchable and indexedformat that will meet or exceed legal disclosure requirements.

Supported by an electronic data set, Fathom Research Group will synthesize the information and establish a critical path to provide our client’s with a written, oral and visual representation.

  • Collect, centralize and manage information from various sources
  • Synthesize information from disparate sources for the purposes of identifying patterns of behaviour, trends or to provide a coherent intelligence product
  • Evaluate, maintain, and collate information in support of complex investigative or research processes
  • Provide guidance and assistance for the submission of intelligence

  • Provide guidance and assistance for the submission of intelligence
  • Manage and organize information crafting materials for presentation to executives, partners and clients
  • Provides a baseline for strategic and operational business decisions
  • Prepare written and oral reports supported by link analysis charts and graphs based on research, correlation and analysis of intelligence