Due Diligence Services

Fathom Research Group‘s corporate due diligence services include the investigation, analysis and reporting using a variety of search sources, including: open-source, proprietary databases, “deep web”, and other information sources. Our investigative and intelligence gathering process ensures we get all available information, corroborate it, and report the collective findings on the reputation and background of the individuals and companies to our clients.

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A proper investigative due diligence process ensures greater transparency in commercial activities, ranging from business transactions to hiring processes. The scope of Fathom’s due diligence services typically covers the following areas:

What corporate due diligence investigations find

  • Personal and professional history, work history, board memberships and nonprofit affiliations
  • Historical news media research
  • Social media (and history)
  • Civil litigation and criminal convictions
  • Regulatory records, professional licenses and government compliance checks
  • Financial history, personal assets, judgments, liens, bankruptcies
  • Corporate affiliations driver’s abstract (with consent) and political contributions
  • Credit history (with consent)
  • Criminal record history (Consent required in some situations)
  • Associations
  • Misrepresentations or embellishment of employment history
  • Financial troubles, including bankruptcies, taxes and foreclosures
  • Undisclosed affiliations or associations
  • Subject of lawsuits
  • Regulatory issues
  • Previous criminal involvement
  • History of failed companies
  • Patterns of behavior