Compliance Screening & Regulatory Investigations

Regulatory compliance refers to goals that corporations or public agencies must achieve to ensure that personnel are aware of, and take steps to comply with, relevant laws and regulations. Our access to propriety and government databases along with our extensive indexing of other Internet-based data allow us to research the information needed in support of compliance.

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How compliance screening and investigation can help

Corporations, institutions, and government agencies are subject to legal or regulatory compliance on licensing or contract services provided to the public. Compliance screening identifies whether these regulatory requirements are being upheld.

The requirements could include annual criminal record checks, personal conduct evaluations, driving records checks, personal character assessments, or other information on behaviour that could harm the reputation of the institution. For example, lottery terminals, casinos, liquor distributors, and Governments have a responsibility to ensure individuals are not breaching contractual obligations. We can provide focused and regular screening to ensure the requirements are met.

  • Regular criminal record/charges check
  • Civil disputes
  • Social media policy
  • Activities of character
  • Driver’s abstract
  • Security background updates
  • Any specific search parameters required