Certified Background Verification for Professionals

Fathom can provide you with an independent and consensual, certified background verification. Attached as an addendum to your resume, it becomes a powerful document and speaks volumes about who you are. This approach is particularly significant when you are seeking employment in a foreign country where the potential employer would have difficulty in fully accessing your background.

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Professional and personal reputation management

One’s professional or personal reputation is a valued asset. People spend many years in developing a brand or professional profile in support of a marketing strategy or employment opportunities. Companies and individuals use the Internet and other means to legitimize who they are and what they represent. An individual seeking employment presents his or her profile in a resume or CV to a potential employer, outlining competency, education, and work history, supported by references.

A resume is a very important document in a highly competitive market. Many companies support people that need assistance in the structure and preparation of their resume. However, there is a growing concern about fraudulent representation and embellishment of resumes, including references.

Background verification and certification provides legitimacy

It is common for companies to request a background check or investigation before hiring a potential candidate. The resume process becomes extremely important in highlighting qualifications and skills. But remember, a resume and references are often seen as biased and at times fraudulent. Human Resource professionals are aware of this and of the risk to their company of a bad hire.

If you are embarrassed about something in your past and want to hide it, please don’t. Brutal honesty about yourself is the best way to proceed. Honesty is sometimes scary, but can establish huge credibility about your character.

Why you may need background certification

  • Enhanced the credibility of your resume
  • Offers full and complete disclosure
  • Enhances international credibility
  • Depicts honesty and character