Corporate and Personal Due Diligence and Online Safety Presentation

Corporate and Personal Due Diligence and Online Safety Presentation

Fathom Research Group will offer your organization a free presentation about public and corporate due diligence and online safety misconceptions.

The presentation educates business and corporate stakeholders, seniors and the general public about the persistent and potentially harmful misconceptions regarding background checks, Internet research, and online dangers.

What you’ll learn

Our presentation will teach about:

  • the growth of organized crime and the Internet
  • online risks and how to mitigate them
  • limitation and misconceptions about Google
  • levels of online investigation including: “surface web”, “deep web” and the “dark web”
  • shortcomings of a criminal record check
  • limitations of a background check
  • anatomy of a background investigation

The goal of our presentation is to educate those who use the Internet and online services for evaluating personal and corporate risk, and to ensure our audience understands many of the misconceptions that exist. Please contact us below , or call 1-800-217-0097 to enquire about booking a presentation or for more information.

Best Regards,

Patrick Fogarty, CEO
Fathom Research Group

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About Fathom

Fathom Research Group, is a full-service Internet-based, investigative research firm that provides corporate  screening, personal and specialized online investigation services worldwide. Our team is comprised of law enforcement experts experienced in International organized crime, intelligence gathering, investigations and online research techniques. We formed our company after witnessing numerous and avoidable personal and corporate tragedies resulting from a lack of knowledge and misconceptions surrounding Internet research, online dangers and the inability for citizens to accurately search available information.

About the Author

Pat Fogarty is a former organized crime investigator now leading Internet research and investigations at Fathom Research Group. Read more about Pat.