Our Team

Our investigators have been involved in complex criminal investigations where the risk to public safety was high and the need to gather actionable intelligence was vital.

Meet the team leaders

Pat Fogarty

Pat Fogarty

Chief Executive Officer

Pat is a recently retired police superintendent who was in charge of the Organized Crime Division for the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit in British Columbia, Canada. He spent 20 years finding information about people who did everything in their power to hide their identities and criminal activities. Pat’s ability to find and process layers of data and information into a comprehensive, accurate, and legal product defined his highly successful career.

More about Pat

As the Operations Officer, Pat was responsible for the planning and execution of numerous complex national and international criminal investigations involving more than 250 officers. He and his teams implemented new and internationally-recognized tactics to combat international organized crime syndicates, including drug trafficking and money laundering operations. Part of his strategic approach is to use advanced and emerging techniques to uncover relevant data on the “deep” Internet.

Pat is recognized as an expert in the use of cross-border and investigative best practices techniques. He is considered a subject matter expert and has lectured on these and other topics. Pat has also provided insight and policy direction to government and media on national and international public safety issues. He has witnessed many avoidable tragedies that have caused serious financial and personal damage to innocent persons. The commonality in many of these situations was the lack of proper investigation of the offending party.

Clint Mathers

Clint Mathers

Chief Operations Officer

Clint is an seasoned expert in file management and disclosure in support of law enforcement operations. He is best described as the “information guru” and highly respected for his ability to manage, access, and organize complex investigations. Clint has been instrumental in the success of many police operations and now brings his capabilities to Fathom. He developed the methods and techniques used in our investigations and general research capabilities.

More about Clint

Clint is a Major Case System Coordinator and considered the leading expert in complicated police disclosure and information management systems. He has extensive experience in managing information in support of major national and international criminal operations. Instrumental in developing business rules, procedures, and training manuals for major case file management, Clint is considered a leader at using BC’s provincial police records systems for major case investigations. He is an expert in electronic disclosure, court preparation, and Internet investigation that support litigation, and is recognized both nationally and internationally for his work in police electronic management systems. He has gained significant recognition for developing systems and continued support for law enforcement and prosecutorial best practices throughout North America.

He recognizes the complexity and special skills needed to properly research background information on people where a risk exists. Using his experience and special skills, Clint has created the methodology and system used by our investigators to focus on providing scalable and affordable investigation and general research accessible to the general public.

“We may not be able to accurately predict the future but we can protect ourselves from parts of it.”

Eric Wickberg

Eric Wickberg

Director of Investigations

Eric has enjoyed a 30 year career of diverse policing experience and attained the rank of Inspector with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia. Having spent the majority of his career leading and managing a variety of national and international investigations, Eric developed significant expertise in all aspects of the investigative process. His career spans from general patrol to gang and organized crime investigations, IT, technical support, open source, fleet and exhibit control.

More about Eric

Eric’s real strength and expertise lies in the areas of proceeds of crime, money laundering and financial investigations where he developed a considerable reputation and became known as a subject matter expert in his field. His leadership and guidance supported many proceeds of crime investigation in B.C. over the last 15 years. Integrating his financial background with a solid investigative protocol and advance Internet research skill, Eric provides a significant component to any investigative process. Eric joins Fathom Research Group as Director of Investigations where he will lead and strengthen our local and international investigations.