Our Investigation Methods

Information technology has fundamentally changed how we communicate, connect, and view the world. Fathom Research Group embraces this change, extending our research capabilities worldwide. Specializing in general investigation services, corporate investigation and screening, and legal support investigations, our team has the expertise to navigate through publicly available (but often hidden) Internet data, to find identities, backgrounds, histories and associations.

We index reliable, verifiable, and credible sites in an ongoing process that is supported by a methodology that has a proven track record of success. We take a tactical and phased approach to our investigations, and keep our clients informed throughout the project. Our research is peer reviewed by subject matter experts, and we obtain legal opinion when required.


We are intelligence led and proactive. This means that we seek out relevant and verifiable information in advance through an accountable process. Our methodology is modified to the specifics of each assignment. We are security minded (search results are never shared) and operate our investigations legally and ethically.

Qualified clients

Our online research capability is a very powerful tool that is used only in the appropriate circumstances. There are many good reasons for using our services—business, legal, and personal—so we start by ensuring that a legitimate reason exists to commence an investigation.

Initial interview

We interview the client to gather information about the person or group in question: general background, biographical information, and so on. Usually, the client will have done some preliminary research or have developed some form of a relationship before contacting us.

We also determine from the client what the goals of the investigation/research are. This ensures we don’t waste time and money and helps to ensure we obtain the results the client is looking for.

Open source

Because search parameters are unique to each assignment, our investigators scour dozens of selected local and/or international databases as required for the specifics of the search.

Deep web and other sources

We follow up with specialized websites and sources that are not well known to the general public. About 95 percent of these sites are not indexed on common search engines. The information on these sites is carefully examined and corroborated, and the sites themselves often lead to new information.

Analytical process

We turn the raw data into intelligence to be understood and evaluated in the context of its source. The analytical process is where we find new and significant correlations and connections about a person, his or her associations, patterns of behaviour, and more.

Investigative process

This process is designed at the start to structure the search parameters and the critical path. The larger the search, the more information the investigator has to deal with. The investigative process “weights” the information, confirms its veracity and legality, and points to any ethical issues. Once the process is satisfied and the report is peer reviewed, we submit our findings.

The best part!

We NEVER rely on a computer to do all the work for us. As we cycle through our investigative process, we ALWAYS find new information, connections, and relevant associations that are not indexed in automated search engines. Only a trained operator can do this. With the new information, we start the whole process over again until all sources have been examined.