How We Are Different

Many companies that claim to provide complete investigations—so called “background checks”—rarely go beyond a simple view of data culled from common databases. Very few law enforcement personnel have the skills needed to do a proper investigation and analysis of the layers of non-indexed information available on the Internet.

Our team has the experience, expertise, and legal knowledge to deal with the depth and scope of online research. We offer integrity, ethics, openness, and personalized service. Our services include investigations, corporate investigation and due diligence, and legal support.


Our investigators have extensive experience with law enforcement techniques in support of uncovering complex national and international criminal operations. We are well versed at intelligence gathering using “deep web” and other Internet research techniques.


Our search parameters are extensive. We have indexed and catalogued databases that are well beyond the scope of conventional searches.


We investigate in many different ways to suit the needs of the assignment. Creativity and working as a team are our strongest attributes.

Ethics and honesty

All of our investigators have impeccable credentials and reputations in law enforcement, and all have received secret or top secret security clearances. They know and follow the proper protocol in handling sensitive information.

We assess each assignment in realistic terms and provide you with an honest evaluation.


Our investigators are committed to and love this type of work, and we do not make promises we can’t deliver on.

Sourcing and reporting

We provide you with a report and assessment of the information, supported by the source documents.