Background Checks vs. Background Investigations

Background checks

Most background checks simply touch upon specific areas of a person’s self-presented history: criminal history, credit history, driving records, or resumes. Access to many of these records requires consent from the individual in question. As it lacks the depth and accuracy of a complete investigation, a background check is only appropriate where risk is deemed low.

For some purposes, a background check may suffice, but frequently, cursory background investigations miss information that reveal the true nature of an individual or company.

Background checks may include:

  • Identification of applicant
  • Resume authentication
  • Criminal records check
  • Drivers abstract
  • References check
  • Previous employment verification

Background checks are appropriate for verifying:

  • Employees
  • Tenants (commercial or residential)
  • Roommates
  • People applying to work with children or vulnerable people
  • Contractors
  • Financial/investment advisers

Professional investigations

Our investigation company’s services differ from background checks in their depth, complexity, accuracy and reliability. Our investigators have extensive law enforcement expertise and are trained to collect and analyze information for misrepresentations, inconsistencies, or omissions. We probe beyond the typical background investigation and provide a comprehensive picture of the individual or company.

Where background check ends and analytical investigation begins

We dig deep into selected databases and “deep web” sites that generate a wide variety of information. We examine and review historic records, public records, news archives, court documents, social media, past and present associations, nominees, legal disputes, court judgments, finances, hidden assets and property, and much more. We analyze the information and connect the dots. The final investigative process examines the critical path taken and the relevance and “weight” to be placed on the information. The ultimate goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. This type of investigative methodology can be scaled to meet simple or very complex research projects, and can be local or international. We offer comprehensive investigative services, corporate investigation and legal support.

Professional investigations are appropriate for:

  • Business investment or purchase
  • Investment partnerships
  • Corporate entities background
  • Identity authentication
  • Litigation
  • Protection from fraudulent activities
  • Dating relationships
  • Protection of children (often a background check is not sufficient)
  • An addendum to your resume (great idea!)
  • Finding a person (relatives and friends, witnesses, heirs)
  • Historic research
  • Genealogical research
  • Where a serious problem arises with another person or organization