About Fathom Research Group

Who we are

Fathom Research Group is a professional investigation and intelligence management firm that provides a wide spectrum of investigation and research services in support of legal, corporate and individual needs. At the heart of our efforts is a collaborative and consultative approach aimed at providing our clients with accurate and comprehensive investigative services and research.

Our team is composed of highly trained, security cleared, intelligence and criminal investigators with extensive law enforcement experience and expertise in large scale investigations, intelligence gathering, analytical and Internet research. Our methodology and major case management protocols are designed to extend our investigations and research capabilities providing a comprehensive analytical and investigative component to the specifics of our clients needs. As professional investigators, experienced in the legal process, we stand behind the accuracy and veracity of the information we provide.

  • Team approach to all research assignments
  • Enhanced and top secret security clearances
  • Drafting and/or defending legal applications
  • Investigative and analytical expertise
  • Enhanced Internet research skills
  • Internal and legal accountability
  • Top quality information and analysis
  • Global search capabilities

What we do

Fathom Research Group provides professional, ethical, and quality driven investigations and research services on a local and international level. Our intelligence management division utilizes advanced analytical and specialized research techniques to collect, collate, corroborate and organize information and evidence into a usable coherent product. Our team delivers an extensive web-based analysis of a subject’s background, patterns of behaviour, associations and much more. Our investigative division supports general and specialized investigations, due diligence services, asset searches and advocacy support for victims of crime and foreign students seeking education in Canada. Fathom’s litigation support team are experts in the area of major case management and legal disclosure and offer a full range of investigative support.

Although most of our services are applicable to individuals and agencies anywhere in the world, we also offer private investigation services in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Investigation services