About Our Investigation Company

Fathom’s investigators are highly trained, security cleared, intelligence and criminal investigators with extensive law enforcement experience. Our investigations go far beyond cursory background checks.

How Our Investigations are Different

Many companies claim to provide complete investigations — so called “background-checks” — but such services are frequently inadequate and involve no investigative technique. Instead, they rely on hits from common database. Unfortunately, the absence of results from these sources doesn’t mean your safe. Our investigations use multiple data sources that allow us to investigate, verify and create a more reliable profile of the investigative target.

How Thorough are Fathom’s Investigations?

Our investigators analyze, process and organize research data, then deliver a comprehensive report that includes detailed findings and the investigator’s summary. Fathom’s reports provide actionable intelligence required to make informed decisions that reduce risk.

Reports include:

  • Data sources
  • Analysis
  • Findings
  • Investigator’s summary

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